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I Peter 3:3-4

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My name is Nicole Michelle.

I'm an educated traditional Christian housewife, who was raised by my mother and father in a loving home. I am the proud mother of three adult children. I'm the author of three books, host a podcast on iHeart, Apple, Google, etc, the Feminine Elite Society App that's available on Apple and Google while also hosting an On Demand TV channel.

At one point in my life, I was a career woman, yet unfulfilled, but unsure why. I was confused from all of the messages society was telling me about womanhood that was opposite from how I was raised. I felt emotionally exhausted and frustrated, until one day I finally took it upon myself to embark on a journey to rediscover my feminine power, and transform myself back into a confident woman in the process.

My womanly fulfillment finally came once I knew my worth in the influential roles as a feminine wife, mother, and friend.

This rebirth led me to realize how much I had to offer other women who may be experiencing the same things I had.

All throughout my childhood I learned the Feminine Arts, Etiquette, entertaining and managing a home from three wise married women in my family; my great-grandmother Thelma, grandmother Freddye Jo, and my mother Mable. Their old school wisdom saved me from many pitfalls.

I also learned many priceless lessons from my father, who gave me sound fatherly advice all throughout my childhood in our many father/daughter talks over dinner and midnight snacks. I gladly look forward to sharing those lessons with you.

Over the years, I've have helped hundreds of women find their feminine power and many to find love and get married. Your rebirth begins here. Let’s walk this path together.

"I am in the business of helping Winners win MORE"

Until we meet.

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