Church Hospitality is an underrated Church Department

Guests ALWAYS remember how they were treated.

  • Why take this course?

    Every church or ministry has guests or surprise visitors at some point. The most remembered are those who show love to their guests and possible new members through their hospitality and attention to every detail, from the food, decor, all the way down to the seating arrangments.

  • Who should take this course?

    Anyone working inside the church or ministry that works as staff, such as event planning, decorating, hospitality and dining room and kitchen services.

Course curriculum

    1. Watch a Welcome from Nicole Michelle

    1. Proper Introductions

    1. 'Prepare A Table' Essentials

    2. Video - Banquet Hall Preparation Training

    3. Video - Pouring Water/Drinks

    4. Video - Course Service

    1. Video - Easy Napkin Folding Tutorial

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