Reconnect with your Bae!

  • Recharge and Keep Things Lit!

    Boredom and resentment are relationship killers. Sometimes the love is still there underneath a lot of pain and bad memories. Has your guy slacked up on the romance? Do you suspect there is someone else? Does he seem distant, preoccupied, too busy and irritable? Are thoughts of insecurity in the relationship popping into your head constantly?

  • Why Take this Course!

    You can't afford to not take this course. Discover the cause for your disconnect and fix it. Keep things sizzling and interesting just like in the beginning. Learn about femininity and what men need instead of assuming, so your efforts are not in vain. Avoid boredom and frustration NOW!

Course curriculum

  • 1
    • Meet the Instructor
  • 2
    New Beginning
    • Masculinity and Femininity Basics 101
    • What To Do When Your Income Is Higher Than His
    • How to Stay Feminine in Relationships
    • Feminine Inspiration
  • 3
    Understanding the Man
    • The Man Cave
    • The Male Ego
  • 4
    Turn up the Heat
    • The Art of Feminine Seduction
    • Reigniting the Flames Using Your Femininity

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