Marriage Preparation God's Way

  • God's Word as Our Guide

    In a world where there is an over-abundance of dating coaches with various philosophies, Christians follow the instructions of the Word of God on their path to marriage. Christians believe the Bible is still relevant in today's modern world and when followed, God will be true to His Word.

Course curriculum

    1. Welcome Message from Nicole Michelle

    1. Husband and Wife Duties

    2. Proverbs 31 Woman

    3. Housewife vs Working Wife

    4. The Playbook

    5. 12 Avoidable Common Christian Dating Mistakes

    6. Total Woman - Christian Wife Material Qualities

    1. Emotional Healing

    2. Feminine Character Traits

    3. Feminine Hygiene Tips Every Lady Must Know

    4. Mothering vs. Nurturing

    1. Becoming a Domestic Goddess

    2. Downloadable Housekeeping Schedule

    3. How to Clean a Kitchen

    4. Deep Clean and Organize the Kitchen

    5. How to Fold a Fitted Sheet

    6. How to Clean the Bathtub & Shower

    7. Cooking and Meal Prep

    8. Downloadable Meal Planning Schedule

    9. Downloadable Meal Plan Tips Chart

    10. Downloadable Well - Stocked Kitchen Chart

    11. Downloadable Seasonal Produce Chart

    12. Intro to Gardening

    13. Money Matters

    14. Intro to Sewing

    1. Understanding Masculinity

    2. Attracting an Alpha Masculine Man

    3. 4 Signs of a Strong Christian Man

    4. Secrets of the Bedroom

    5. Lingerie vs Flannel Nightgowns

    6. How to Seduce your Husband Daily

    7. How to Undress in Front of your Husband

    1. 17 Ways to Seduce your Hubby and Keep Things HOT!!!

    2. Exclusive Access

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