• Why Take This Course?

    This course is for ALL women who desire to become a sophisticated socialite and unlock the Secrets and Proven ways to enter high society for business contacts and/or romance. Also for women who could not afford to attend a formal finishing school.

  • What You Need to Know

    There is nothing wrong with social climbing. It is for ambitious go-getters who aren't afraid to challenge themselves and improve their standard of living in the process. Future socialites need to know how to become confident, sophisticated ladies who know the etiquette, the right places of the Rich and powerful people to be accepted into high society.

  • Creator of Course

    After years of research and data gathering, interviews with influential men, dating wealthy men, and finally engaged to a wealthy man, Nicole Michelle is ready to share with other women the secrets to successful social climbing.

Course curriculum

  • 1
    Welcome to the course!
    • A message from your instructor
    • What To Expect From This Course
    • Exclusive Feminine Elite Finishing School
  • 2
    High Society Orientation
    • Understanding Social Stratification
    • Who Are the Upper Class?
    • The Art of Social Climbing
    • Subtle Clues to Identify Real Rich from the Imposters
    • Modern Profiles of the Rich
    • Secret Enclaves and Specific Locations of the Rich
    • What the Rich Eat - Learn what to Try, Order and Prepare
    • Luxury Labels the Filthy Rich Still Approve
    • Elite Social Events Calendar from Around the World
    • The Pecking Order
  • 3
    Strategy to Enter High Society
    • Strategy to Enter Society
    • Social Class Checklist: Must Haves to Enter Society
    • Reinventing Your Pedigree
    • Relocating: Is it a Good Idea for YOU?
    • Clever Ways and Places to Meet the Rich
    • Secret Societies and Organizations
    • High Society Events to Host or Attend
    • Tips for Single Parent Social Climbers
  • 4
    Transforming into a Socialite: Refinement
    • Learning to be a Lady
    • Art of Being Graceful: Manners and Deportment
    • Setting Yourself Apart
    • Feminine Arts Essentials 2.0
    • Soft Skills - Keys to Social Climbing
    • Formal Introductions
    • The 5 S's of Meeting People
    • Polite Conversation
    • The Socialite Vogue and Comportment
    • Luxury Wardrobe Must Haves
    • Wardrobe Maintenance
    • Grooming Habits
    • Socialite Hobbies
  • 5
    Manners and Etiquette of High Society
    • Manners and Etiquette
    • Mastering Modern Etiquette Downloadable References
    • Setting up for a Dinner Party with the Rich
    • Serviettes
    • Always Tea Time
    • RSVP, Invitations, and Thank You Notes
    • Hosting the Rich
    • Hosting and Dining Etiquette
    • How To Be A Great Houseguest
  • 6
    The Wine Cellar
    • Wine Basics
    • Wine Essentials
    • Pairings
    • Types of Wine Glasses
    • Correct Way to Hold Wine Glass
    • How To Pour Wine The Classy Way
    • The Finest Wines To Know
  • 7
    How to Date and Marry the Elite
    • Mystique of Rich Men
    • Dating for Love or Resources
    • Getting Married: Simplified
    • How to Marry Up
    • Understanding PreNups and Separation Agreements
    • Engagement, the Ring and the Marriage
    • How to Be a Trophy Wife
    • How to be a Wealthy Widow
    • How I Met My Fiance'
  • 8
    Next Steps...
    • Bonus: Southern Belle Charm
    • Bonus: Imposters, Parasites and Courtesans
    • Congrats! Here's what's next...

Your Investment

Boost your chances of success and get ready to begin your journey to a life of affluence in high society!

What other students are saying:

“This course was extremely helpful. I attended a ball recommended by Nicole and I met a rich guy!!”

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    Sorry. Due to each student gaining IMMEDIATE access to copyrighted digital course material, there are NO REFUNDS.

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    All students who sign up for monthly subscriptions can cancel at anytime with NO REFUNDS.

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    All students who sign up for monthly subscriptions have access to the material as long as their payments are current. Students who pay the listed FULL PRICE (in payments or lump sum) for any course will have lifetime access to the coursework and any updates.

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    No, however, the Feminine Elite is a benefit of the monthly subscription.

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