Good Manners Never Go Out of Style

  • Why Learn Etiquette?

    Having polite behavior and decorum in various social settings gives a person confidence. The path to refinement as a lady includes having a working knowledge of proper etiquette in social settings as well as in business. Regardless of a woman's background or pedigree, she will leave a lasting impression with her use of proper etiquette.

Course curriculum

  • 1
    Welcome to a New World
    • A Welcome From Nicole Michelle
    • Introduction to Etiquette Basics
    • Etiquette & the Story of King Louis XIV
  • 2
    Social Media/ Internet Etiquette
    • Netiquette: How to Behave on Social Media
    • Email Etiquette
  • 3
    Cell Phone Etiquette
    • Cell Phone Etiquette
    • Telephone Etiquette
  • 4
    Wine 101
    • Wine Basics
    • Wine Essentials
    • Wine Pairings
    • Opening the Bottle Using the Corkscrew
    • Parts of a Wine Glass
    • Types of Wine Glasses
    • Correct Way to Hold Wine Glass
    • How To Pour Wine The Classy Way
  • 5
    Etiquette Transforms a Woman into a Lady
    • Art of Being Graceful: Manners and Deportment
    • 25 Etiquette Rules Every Lady Should Know
    • How Refined Ladies Walk
    • Walk With Great Posture
    • Sitting Like A Lady
    • How To Elegantly Enter and Exit A Car
    • How To Walk Up and Down Stairs In an Elegant Way
    • Poise and Posture
    • Things To Avoid To Become A Lady
    • Ladylike Posture
    • How To Be More Polite
    • The 5 S's
  • 6
    Social Etiquette
    • Formal Introductions
    • Proper Handshake
    • Polite Conversation
    • Keys to Good Conversation
    • Stop Being Boring
    • RSVP, Invitations, and Thank You Notes
  • 7
    Tea Etiquette
    • Always Tea Time
    • Arranging the Tea Table
    • Afternoon Tea
    • High Tea vs Afternoon Tea
  • 8
    Dining Etiquette
    • Proper Table Setting
    • Set the Table
    • Table Manners
    • Soup Course
    • Salad Course
    • Dessert and Coffee
    • Napkin Etiquette
    • Napkins
  • 9
    Restaurant Etiquette
    • What You Need to Know About Fine Dining
    • Restaurant Vocabulary
    • Proper Signaling Waitstaff
    • Tipping Etiquette
  • 10
    Dating Etiquette
    • Dating Etiquette
    • Dating Etiquette Part 2
  • 11
    Guest Etiquette
    • How To Be A Great Guest
    • How To Be A Great Houseguest
  • 12
    Travel Etiquette
    • Travel Manners
  • 13
    Ladies' Room Etiquette
    • Bathroom Etiquette
  • 14
    Bonus - Introduction To Entertaining
    • Creating the Best Charcuterie Board
    • Hosting
    • Decorating Basics
  • 15
    Introduction to Business and International Business Etiquette
    • Introduction to Business Etiquette
  • 16
    Bonus - How To Correctly Pronounce Luxury Brand Names
    • Luxury Car, Watch and Fashion Brands Commonly Mispronounced
  • 17
    Next steps
    • Congrats! Here's what's next...
    • More resources for you
    • Before you go...

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Check out what students are saying

“I have to give it to Nicole. This course touched on so many areas and the material is awesome. I learned a lot and will be signing up my little sister for School of Etiquette. The young ladies who are fortunate enough to take this class early in life will be truly blessed by it. Thanks so much!”

Natasha JacksonNatasha Jackson

“Great video that addresses a serious topic with humor. Just thought, you might want to add tips on using a private bathroom in someone's home. What to do when there's no soap in the restroom, missing hand towels, toilet won't flush...etc. How do you handle that without embarrassing your host? Thanks. ”

Norda ThompsonNorda Thompson